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The society development is growing , the industrial products became diversified and practicability for the application.
Sino MTM SYSTEM ,multi-tip nozzle design for the multi gate injection。Minimized the pitch between the tips and integrated nozzle body with the heater making evenly heat distribution.Open system and valve system are available for the widely application.


    1. Multi-tip nozzle design
    2. Minimized gate pitch
    3. Heater is inserted on the nozzle body







 Fully harden nozzle body  
 Special wear resistance tip design
 Inserted heater on the nozzle body directly
 High resistance for GF filled resin



 Multi tips with one nozzle body,various
   structure for the application  

 Minimized the gate pitct




Material: PA66
Weight: 55g
Thickness: 1.5mm
Nozzle type: MTM (3 gates)


Material: PA66+15%
Weight: 90g
Nozzle type: MTM (3 gates)



Drill Handle (L)
Material: PA66+30%GF +TPE
Weight: 250g
Thickness: 2.6mm
Nozzle type: PRM 25 VV +PRM 18 VV


Name: Drill Handle (R)
Material: PA66+30%GF +TPE
Weight: 250g
Nozzle type: : PRM 25 VV +PRM 18 VV


Material: PA66 + TPE
Weight: 10G
Thickness: 3mm
Nozzle type: MTM + PRM




Material: PA66
Weight: 5G
Thickness: 2.5mm
Nozzle type: MTM








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